Who the cross represents

Often, as Christians, we find ourselves needing to remember our identity in, reevaluate our position for, and renew our intimacy with our Savior. There can be many ways to do this. I find that individuals have very different approaches to analyzing their faith. Although the approach may change, the object of our contemplation remains constant. The word object, though useful for providing a variable in which to direct our attention, is dull and vague when compared to the intimate, personable, and tangible identity the variable represents.  Indeed, that variable represents our Savior, our Redeemer, and the Holy Son of our Heavenly Father. When one takes the time to reevaluate his salvation, he will very quickly arrive at the foot of the cross. This leads us to the question we propose to you today, “What does the cross represent to you.” 
Recently, we added two new songs to our repertoire. The first is our new original “Who the cross represents,” and the second is a combination of “My Redeemer lives” and “Because He lives.” These songs have driven us to an analysis of the cross and its representation of our Redeemer.  The cross symbolizes death, suffering, and pain. To each one of us, the cross can have a tangible or an intangible meaning. Whether along the road or in a cemetery, the cross represents the intangible divide between the temporal and the eternal. This divide separates us from a loved one, from our Savior, or even from the perfection we wish to achieve.  The representations of the cross hold a place deep inside everyone’s soul. 
Though these temporal wooden crosses are unable to bridge the divide into eternity, remember many years ago our redeemer lived to bridge the divide with outstretched arms.  Even to our Savior, the cross represented death and suffering. However, for Him, the cross was an avenue to conquer death and bring us victory.  Because He lives, we can see the one again who the cross represents. In our temporal life, it is important to reexamine what the cross represents to us. Take time to study the cross and pray at the cross. Most of all take time to rejoice that your Savior lives. He lives to take away your sin. Remember, through the salvation of His cross, God will wipe away all your tears – and all your fears. 
*excerpts taken for all of the songs listed above. We claim no rights to phrases taken from “Because He Lives” or “My redeemer Lives”

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